Alumni Outlook Magazine


Welcome to another edition of our Alumni Association’s Outlook magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did in putting it together.

This is an exciting time at UW-Stout, and I hope that the excitement shows through in the magazine. I’ll just go through a few of the campus highlights as I see them
  • Our enrollment topped a record 9,000 this year, and we are working hard to keep it there.
  • We keep adding new and innovative undergraduate programs at UW-Stout; the number of majors available to students now totals 40, which is nearly double the number we had when I became chancellor. We now have a program array that offers something for just about every student who wants to attend college.
  • Our campus keeps changing for the better. We have opened the new Jarvis Hall Science Wing and will be opening the remodeled portion of the wing this fall. We are planning to renovate the Memorial Student Center and the Harvey Hall Theatre. On north campus by fall, students will have a new dining hall and fitness area, a completely renovated Hovlid Hall and will be able to travel between these facilities and Fleming Hall without having to go outside.
  • Our Discovery Center, which opened July 1, 2009, is making strong connections between the university’s faculty and students and the world of business and industry. More than 270 students and 100 faculty have worked on 38 business and industry-related projects so far. We see nothing but bright lights ahead for our Discovery Center.
In this magazine you will read about accomplishments and highlights of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. These include three recent women graduates who are excelling in the field of manufacturing engineering, a solar-panel business that tapped energy from the university incubator to get on the right track, two iconic Twin Cities restaurants that are in the hands of alumni and four 1968 graduates who recently got together to share stories and a bottle of wine that dates to their college days. I continue to be amazed and inspired by your talents and I look forward to hearing more success stories in future editions of Outlook.
Best wishes in 2010.