Brian Morgan ’07 has followed in his father’s footsteps. Morgan, a 1st Lt. with the Minnesota National Guard, served in Basra, Iraq, as a special projects officer for the security section of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division.
Kerm Morgan, Brian’s dad, served in Vietnam and was a 1966 graduate of West Point. Kerm Morgan then earned a Master of Science degree from UW-Stout in 1972.
Brian looks to his dad, who retired from active duty as a lieutenant colonel, for his decision to join the military. While Brian was growing up, his father worked at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin during the week and came home on weekends to Ladysmith, Wis. As a child, Brian spent many hours drawing pictures of military vehicles.
After graduating from Ladysmith High School in 2002, Brian, similar to three of his family members before him, chose UW-Stout. In middle school he found success and a fascination with computers and Web design. He carried this interest to UW-Stout, where he majored in applied math and computer science.
His learned skills serve him well in his present position, where he says computers are the “weapon of choice.”
Brian Morgan ’07 recently served in Iraq with the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division of the Minnesota National Guard.

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