Dotz, colorful creations that keep computer cords organized, are the brainchild of Micah Maraia ’03.
Micah Maraia, ‘03, might agree with Thomas Edison who said, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”
Maraia, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, had a problem keeping his computer cords under control and in order. He had an idea and three years later, after much trial and error, he invented Dotz. The product is a three-part, cord-wrangling system; it includes a cord identifier with an icon indicating printer, computer or mouse; a cable tie to bundle the cords together and a cord wrap, similar to a yo-yo, that holds excess cord. The Dotz products come in five different colors. And, as Maraia says, “It brings design, innovation and fun to a mundane subject matter.”
Maraia’s Dotz can be found at retail outlets such as Office Depot, The Container Store, Storables and QVC. His Web site, designed with fun in mind, can be found at

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