favorite facebook posts 2010

Responding to news of the renovation of Hovlid Hall, the opening of the new North Point Dining and Fitness Center and the closing of JTC dining hall and a long-range plan to tear down JTC:
Chriss Reichow:  Oh no! I love JTC. How old does that make me feel that my dorm is being torn down???? Third floor Jeter, facing the parking lot, oh my gosh did we have some good times (and studied hard of course).
Kathy Kant Craney: I worked in the dining hall three years (‘68-71). I met my husband there. He proposed to me in front of JTC (on the sidewalk, down on one knee!) I lived in Tainter for two years and Callahan for one year. My senior year I lived in Fair Oaks (anyone remember that?) They were great years!
Arthur Uher: I was a resident of “The New Men’s Dorm,” later Hovlid Hall, in 1960-61. The building was brand new; there were room checks, bed checks, no food, no loud talking during study hours, a curfew and locked doors later in the evening. We couldn’t even look across the street at the girl’s dorm. In the ‘90’s my daughter lived in Hovlid; what a change.
Kevin Howard: Life was so much simpler then.

Responding to a photo showing two drinking stations side by side in an Applied Arts hallway, one labeled Bubbler and the other labeled Fountain:
Matt Reding: Why are we segregating our water apparatuses? Can’t we all just get along?
Charlie Ackerman: Water fountain! I never heard the word bubbler to describe such an apparatus until I came to Stout. Too funny!
Responding to news that the Home Economics Building was renamed Heritage Hall:
Tommy Gane: Awe, that’s where I learned how to make caramel corn, when I was eight years of age.
Vinny Barry: I probably should’ve learned more in that Home Ec Building.
Erik ‘EFL’ Landru:  I’m fine with updating building names to better represent what Stout is — I just wish the naming powers that be could use some creativity.

Responding to photos of Move-In Day at residence halls on campus last fall:
Beth Anne Rekowski: Our family commends you on such an organized, assisted move-in day. The student “helpers,” the green hockey team in our case, was great! Thanks for coming up with such a smooth move-in system! It was flawless!  :)
Susan Lee Swanson: I was prepared for chaos ... not so! What a well organized group! Very impressive. It made leaving my freshman the only thing that was hard about that day.
Heidi Panelli: Wow ... I remember moving in as a new freshman 11 years ago! I feel so old! 3rd floor, Jeter hall  :-)
Karen Ruffing: Kudos to the “move-in crew” ... I felt like I should have tipped them!

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