Creighton Burrows ’00 is the engineering and technical support manager for Hutchinson Technology Operations Thailand. With his family, he has been living and working in Bangkok since December 2008.
Burrows, a transfer to UW-Stout in industrial design, quickly learned he wanted to do more than design. “I wanted to make things better,” he said. He changed his major to industrial technology-product development and as a junior accepted a co-op position with Hutchinson Technology in Hutchinson, Minn.; this resulted in a full-time position.
Two years later, he realized he needed to complete his degree, so back to UW-Stout he went. Fortuitously for him, the university had implemented the distance education program. “That really changed everything,” Burrows said. He was able to continue to work full time and finish his degree.
As a result “I have advanced quickly from quality engineering to program management to now engineering management,” he said.
One of Burrows’ favorite Stout memories was the class Power Mechanics, where students pulled apart Briggs engines and analyzed working systems. “It triggered a thirst in me to figure out how things work and how to make them better,” he said.

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