Tania Hill Chance ’99, ’00, Twin Cities, is a school administrator, adjunct professor, entrepreneur and, as of last year, author. In 2010 her first novel, “SHEgo,” was released. Her entrepreneurial ventures include forays into real estate, consulting and training.
The education Chance received at UW-Stout, a bachelor’s in technology education and a master’s in education, opened her eyes to endless possibilities and “my own infinite capabilities,” said Chance; there she gained “the confidence that I was prepared and able to take on anything I should so choose.”
Chance is executive director of human resources in the Burnsville/Eagan/Savage School District 191.
Memories of Chance’s days at the university include the Clock Tower and the inevitable parking ticket, but her favorite memories are of the “great faculty and staff who forever made an imprint on my life.”
With fondness she remembers: “Mary Riordan's sense of compassion and dedication to her work; Hector Cruz's teaching style and care for his students; Ken Welty's commitment to his program and his messy office where he could always locate anything; and Alec Kirby's unbelievable energy level at 8 a.m. in the morning and his ability to interest me in a subject that previously bored me to pieces.”  
“I’m happy that I chose Stout,” she said.

Summer Outlook 2012