My education and self-growth experiences while an undergraduate student at UW-Stout have unquestionably played a powerful part in who I am professionally today.
So many staff, faculty and fellow students helped me grow, learn and lead during those years in Menomonie. In particular, two meetings with Teresa Schultz, hotel and restaurant program director, and Dean of Students Sam Wood changed my college career.
I vowed to both of them that when I graduated and was in the workforce I’d make UW-Stout proud and would give back. This promise fulfillment has been a pleasure via annual fund donations, serving on the Alumni Association Board and through legacy giving to the Stout University Foundation.
In 2004, I opted to leave 30 percent of my estate to UW-Stout. Seven years later I continue to be thrilled with my decision to do so. The university has so many extraordinarily bright and talented students with phenomenal futures ahead of them, many who unfortunately struggle financially (I’ve read many stories as a scholarship application reviewer).
I passionately believe a legacy gift is a fantastic way to help our university with educating the next generation of innovators and leaders. I encourage you to please consider making a legacy gift of your own to Stout, of any size. It will be most appreciated — I promise!
Check out the UW-Stout Alumni Association website, or better yet call your alumni team at Louis Smith Tainter House to learn more and ask questions. Thanks for reading my story. I’d love to hear yours!

Summer Outlook 2012