When we decided to give back to the community, three main criteria were taken into consideration.
First, to give to programs or institutions we strongly believe in, starting with education. Second, to make sure the funds have a great impact on recipients’ lives. And third, to make sure funds would not be wasted.
UW-Stout ended up on the top of our list.
It all started when we looked back on our lives. Of all the people we knew, Phil McGuirk had a huge impact not only on us but on hundreds of others in the hospitality program. He’s a cornerstone to the entire major and well-known to many who attend UW-Stout. Everyone who worked with him has their Phil story — or many Phil stories.
In honor of Phil we donated to the Stout University Foundation. Our goal was to help the hospitality program by involving Phil to direct funds where needed.
As it turned out, Phil became directly involved by setting up a scholarship fund, matching the contribution and becoming involved in awarding several scholarships. The outcome and experience is far better and more rewarding than we ever expected. It’s a really good feeling to know where the funds go — that they made a direct impact on a student’s life.

Summer Outlook 2012