New Lab on Campus

New Lab on Campus

The department of psychology launched its new cognitive neuroscience laboratory in McCalmont Hall with a ribbon-cutting ceremony March 27. Throughout the open house, students demonstrated their research.

The lab is known as the C-NERVE lab, or Cognitive-Neuroscience Education and Research Valued Experience lab.

During a three-year period, C-NERVE students rotate through four interdisciplinary lab experiences led by psychology instructors. They study stress and arousal under Richard Tafalla, memory under Desiree Budd, reasoning under Mike Donnelly, and social experiments under Peizhong Li.

To conduct their research, students use professional equipment in the lab to monitor physiological responses such as brain waves, eye movement, heart rate, muscle tension and sweat levels.

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BELOW: Physics instructor Jo Hopp places electrodes on student
Chelsea Treiber to track Treiber’s eye movements.


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