FUN with Food

FUN with Food

Deanna Howell House ’61 buys toys for serving her food. Sometimes she buys Frisbees. Other times she buys dump trucks or little red wagons. During one shopping spree, she spent $183 in a dollar store for some smiley-face bowls.

She uses the toys to attractively package food items that she prepares and gives as gifts—to family and friends, or as door prizes during one of her many speaking engagements.

House, who has been compared to Erma Bombeck, is a popular guest speaker, columnist and cookbook author. She specializes in using food as a way to share humorous and positive life lessons. One of her favorite mottos, she says, is “Enthusiastic teaching makes learning fun.”

During her workshops, House gives audience members  some entertaining pick-me-ups, such as “When things are messy, cover them with a pretty quilt,” and “Match the color of your spatula and bowl to raise your level of excellence.”

Deanna loves performing.

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