Student Cuts Himself Some Slack

Student Cuts Himself Some Slack

Student Dan Noll of Appleton walks the line—a couple of feet above the ground. Noll participates in a sport called slack lining, which is similar to tightrope walking but uses a flatter rope. The sport was started in 1980 by rock climbers, and it has been expanding ever since.

There are always new challenges because there are no limits to what can be done on the slack line,” Noll said.

Noll started in the sport last year but became much more involved in it this past summer. He sees it is a way to be outdoors while participating in a “low-key, calming sport.” “It takes concentration and motivation,” Noll said. And Noll is able to concentrate despite the stares of passers-by. People often ask him if he is joining the circus, Noll said.

Student Dan Noll was featured in his hometown paper, the Appleton Post-Crescent, for his slack-lining talents. Watch amazing footage and hear his story at this multimedia slideshow:

Or, read more of his story here:

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