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Technologies Emerging Near You


Technologies Emerging Near You


Marlene Bourne ’87 of Bourne Research tracks and writes about science and engineering breakthroughs that are taking place worldwide. She produces a weekly five-minute podcast in which she talks about how emerging technologies are changing the way
we live, work and play.

I think the main point consumers should know about emerging technologies is to be aware of the hype factor,” Bourne said. “In many instances, there’s an underlying agenda—such as getting venture capitalists and other investors interested, achieving some kind of government response, or simply getting press.” She believes, however, most emerging technologies are being eveloped in responsible ways and are resulting in, frankly, some cool products.

Her goal is to deepen the public’s curiosity and understanding
of emerging technologies and what they mean on personal and
community levels.

“I see a real void here and I’d like to help fill that,” Bourne said.

Are you interested in next-generation science and cool technologies? Let Marlene Bourne ’87 share her insights with you on what these technologies are, how they work, why they’re making a difference, issues that may be arising from their use, and what that means to you. Listen to her live or archived podcasts or learn more about her books at her Web site: