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Outlook Summer 2007

Label Summer Outlook 2007 CoverUW-Stout Positioning Itself for the Future

Chancellor Chareles Sorensen

The University of Wisconsin System’s great strength lies in its diversity: two doctoral campuses, 11 comprehensive universities and 13 two-year colleges.  Each comprehensive campus has its own unique mission and, within the past several years, a number of the universities have focused even more sharply on describing their purpose and programs.

This differentiation is critical because the market for higher education is becoming extremely competitive. Highly successful for-profit institutions, private colleges, and virtual programs and universities are challenging the dominance the UW System once had in the market.

Just as in the private sector, we must brand our uniqueness; we must characterize our programs and campuses so our students, parents, stakeholders and employers understand the value that we provide.

Architecturally Appealing

Conducting at Carnegie

Hop on the Happy MicroOrganism Compost Train

Sweet Research

Tastes That Take You Back

What’s for dinner?

Message from the dean
John S. Wesolek, DeanThe academic future of UW-Stout will depend largely on how we move forward in developing new academic degrees. Programs that continue to be in high demand and provide our students with meaningful careers that serve societal needs must continue to be developed.

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Taking a Seat — With Comfort

The Business End of a Golf Club

Students Take Charge, Change the World

New Lab on Campus

Focus on Healing

CHD Faculty News and Notes

Restaurant Gem on Campus

More Than Just Rocks

Romancing the Stone

FUN with Food

We Represent America’s Changing Demographics

MEATY Results

Salt of the Earth Not Enough

Not Your Typical Kindergarten Teacher

Healthy Habits Start Early







Faculty and Staff

Playing it Safe

Lengthy Project

Have You Been Published?


Making His Mark


From Humble Begnnings to High-Tech Campus Center

UW-Stout’s All-Americans

The UW-Stout Globe Trotter

Gary Schettl’s dream of setting a world record began in his garage with the purchase of an airplane rudder kit.