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Winter 2006 Outlook

After the longest period of time student Leah Dunbar has ever spent in an airplane, she descended to a place she has only dreamt about, a land of lush green mountains, clear blue seas and gracious Thai smiles. More...

UW-Stout Alumni Compete Internationally
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen discusses his global views.
Going Global Statistics on the value of international perspectives.
Welcoming a Worldwide Approach The Office of International Education provides services for inbound and outbound students.
Quality Seekers Seek UW-Stout The Baldrige Award is still a sign of UW-Stout’s quality.
Kindergarten by the Request of a Queen Judy Herr is helping the Jordanian education system expand its kindergarten offerings.
Discovering the Fortune in Chinese Architecture A course designed to help students understand and appreciate Chinese construction and design.
Irish Eyes Smile on UW-Stout UW-Stout faculty trains disability service providers in Ireland.
Student Author Times Two Student writes two books on the tourism industry in Nepal.

Message from the Dean John Murphy
Math That Causes Student to Burst Into Song New math lab helps increase success rates for students.
Math That Causes Student to Burst Into Song New math lab helps increase success rates for students.
In the Write Direction Technical communication program partners with industry.
Art Critiques Itself and Everyone Wins Art and design department establishes an advisory board.
Trout Streams Need Health Checkups Too Professor Chuck Bomar and students monitor area trout streams.
Could it be a New Species? Two students research never-before-studied bacteria in Lake Huron’s sinkholes.
Art Department Exposure
First Year Living and Learning
Nurturing Curriculum
CAS Faculty News and Notes
CAS Calendar of Events

Additions to Technology Education Curriculum Project Lead the Way curriculum introduces pre-engineering concepts.
Stand-out Students Awarded Scholarships create opportunity
Legislation Creates Opportunity to Help UW-Stout

Q and A with Gregory L. Trzebiatowski Alumnus talks about establishing a school in Chile.
A Library for Every Province Chuck Theusch is helping the people in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia build libraries.
Move to Germany a Slam Dunk Alumna resides in Germany as a result of her former basketball career.
Friendship Bridges Time and Continents Two college roommates travel together to one’s home country.
Reunions: Save the Date Golden and 40th reunions being held in 2007.
Weaving Together a Career in Fabric A UW-Stout education helps thread alumna’s career together.
Outlook’s New Attitude Outlook has been redesigned with the help of some alumnae.
Word of Stout Help spread the good Stout word.

1940-1960 A Hero Among Hammers The Phi Sig Fraternity Reunion
1970-1980 Leader Recognized A Hitting Record
Marriages Susan Fuller ’04 and Justin Krahn ’00 Julie McMurry ’03 and Anthony Baker ’02
Calendar of events happening in the next few months

Art Exchange gives UW-Stout World Prominence A look into the art international exchange, one of the longest running exchanges at UW-Stout.

Stout Athletes Shine on Field, in Classroom Recap of the recent athletic season.
Hall of Fame Inductees 2006 Four inducted into the Hall of Fame.

UW-Stout (and Chancellor Sorensen) are Everywhere A picture of the chancellor shows up on a tour in India.