Going Global

Going Global
Now more than ever, Americans recognize the need for the next generation to be internationally savvy and culturally aware. A 2006 national survey reports:
    90 percent of Americans believe it is important that future generations have the skills and knowledge needed for a more interconnected world.
    92 percent of adults agree that knowledge of foreign languages enhances job competitiveness for future generations.
    77 percent of Americans value educational experiences where time is spent abroad in other cultures.
    86 percent of Americans value the opportunity for their children to attend colleges where they will interact with students from across the globe.
    94 percent of the public understands that part of preparing for a more global society is learning about cultures from around the world.
The research was conducted by NAFSA: Association of International Educators (formerly known as the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors).

Outlook Winter 2006 v3