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UW-Stout Alumni Compete Internationally
When James Huff Stout established the school in 1891, powerful forces were reshaping world markets.

The telegraph, the telephone and the railroad united the country while the steam engine drew Europe and Asia closer to our mainland. Wheat, cotton and rice became world commodities, forcing new competition on American farmers. Social, political and economic change became the norm, challenging long-accepted values, and forcing leaders to recognize the need to adapt to new circumstances and challenges. Recognizing the need for a better educated workforce in this changing world, Stout established an institution to prepare men and women for the new century and the complexities driven by new, seemingly invisible, international influences. We face similar challenges today, only on a massive scale. More...

Going Global Statistics on the value of international perspectives.

Welcoming a Worldwide Approach The Office of International Education provides services for inbound and outbound students.

Quality Seekers Seek UW-Stout The Baldrige Award is still a sign of UW-Stout’s quality.

Kindergarten by the Request of a Queen Judy Herr is helping the Jordanian education system expand its kindergarten offerings.

Discovering the Fortune in Chinese Architecture A course designed to help students understand and appreciate Chinese construction and design.

Irish Eyes Smile on UW-Stout UW-Stout faculty trains disability service providers in Ireland.

Student Author Times Two Student writes two books on the tourism industry in Nepal.

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