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Stranger Danger

Kelsi Cravillion

Just because you’re strangers doesn’t mean you can’t have dangerously good connections. Stranger Danger is a platform designed to re-introduce real life connections. Throughout the pandemic and beyond, we have adapted to technology as our source of communication. Though this is portrayed as a human advancement socially and in work settings, self-confidence and motivation to engage on a personal level has diminished.
The goal with Stranger Danger is to keep moving forward by stepping out of our comfort zones in the most comfortable way. Designed to be a never-ending experiment, the goal is for each individual to get their quality of life back and bring real life connections back into our world.

Use of AI: Don’t let the name scare you, safety is the number one priority. Every user who creates an account must complete an AI programmed background check. Once this is complete, users are able to order a book, where they will discover their first connection-themselves. Within the book, users will also be able to identify what types of relationships they are looking for-friendship, lover or business. As progress is made throughout the book, it is encouraged to download the Stranger Danger app where real life connections can be made. Using AI, the Stranger Danger app provides ‘strangers in your area’ based on relationship needs. No matter where you are, or who you might be, everyone is welcome to create dangerously good connections.


Haley Dahlke

Plantpal is an all-inclusive plant care app to help anyone, ranging from those who can’t manage to keep a plant alive to gardeners and farmers who deal with plants every day. Work with an AI assistant to figure out your needs as a plant owner. Not enough sunlight? Not watering it enough? Pest problems? Plantpal can identify the problems and solutions so you never kill a plant again.

Use of AI: AI does the work so you don’t have to. Ai technology can be used in a variety of ways, many of which we use in this app. It can help identify plants or problems, so you don’t have to spend hours researching. Why add more stress to your already busy life? Use plantpal to set watering reminders, keep track of the growth of your plants, and meet fellow members of the plant-loving community.

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Food for Champs

Raven DeCook

Food for Champs addresses the general need for better food options at Eventing horse shows. Currently, competitors and fans have slim pickings of vendors on show grounds, due to the remote locations of such facilities and over priced, poor quality foods and beverages from generic vendors. Competitors are participating in an intensive sport and should have proper nutrition to perform at their best. A food truck business that caters specifically to the eventing community by following the local show circuit, provides a convenient and fresh solution.

Use of AI: Food for Champs will use Artificial Intelligence to optimize rider’s time. AI integrated into the app’s performance will allow riders to input their ride times and receive notifications when it is approaching. Users will also be able to order food ahead and schedule a pick up time. To keep up with the food truck, the app provides the truck’s schedule for current and upcoming locations.

Puzzled Fox

Ryan Eiter

Puzzled Fox creates stories with choices to challenge your child to learn and process information. Based on your child’s performance, we can curate recommendations for not only ways your child can improve but also activities you can be a part of with your child. Making connections not just for young readers but also for parents.

Use of AI: We have incorporated AI to learn with your child to generate feedback and ideas for how as a parent, you can be involved in their learning process as well. Based on the responses your child gives when completing the challenges and puzzles in the storybooks that information is collected to curate a recommendations list based on what areas can be improved and how to do it. As well as what activities we believe your child will find fun to play and participate in.


Jayden Foster

Arcana is a personal assistant and learning application for those curious or already initiated in the practice of witchcraft. Combining AI and AR, Arcana is built to help anyone create or revamp their personal practice by creating an engaging and customizable daily routine while learning the basics of the craft. This can be done in combination with the mobile, tablet, and smart watch applications to build one’s knowledge in the craft while reinforcing the act of thinking with the mind of a witch while going through the mundane everyday.

Use of AI: Arcana can connect to smart speakers like the Echo Dot and Google Nest, given a voice by Houndify’s Voice AI Platform. Users will be able to access the knowledge of the application through these products, as well as through the application itself. After setting up their custom or preset routines, users can ask Arcana to tell them about their day. Arcana can then tell them the magical associations of the day, moon and sun positions, weather and more.

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Rachel Gilpatrick

Munchie is a nutrient-focused food-bite subscription service. Based on your dietary preferences and health goals, we can curate a unique box of ready-to-eat bites that is personal to what you need and desire. Our bites not only focus on ways to improve your well-being, but also they are produced and transported sustainably to conserve our shared Earth. Because we value the importance of taking care of our planet and eating right, for every box purchased, a percentage of proceeds goes towards providing essential nutrition for people with cancer.

Use of AI: With technology being a dominant part of our world, Munchie incorporates AI to understand your specific health needs and goals. We offer an option for a survey to be taken, and based on your responses, we curate a collection of bites that fits best to what your body wants and needs. We always believe in having a choice. So whether you take the survey or not, we still allow you to choose the kinds of flavors and bites that you want.


Alyssa Gonzalez

SHAGGYTAILS is a mobile pet grooming service where owners can personalize their pets grooming experience with the help of artificial intelligence. Users have the opportunity to have a personalized groomer chosen based on your pets needs come to you, or they can visit self-automated pet stations. With the use of artificial intelligence Users will get customized pet spa discounts, Coupons for their favorite products, and receive updates on the physical health of their pet before and after each grooming appointment. Both the mobile grooming van and the automated pet stops will always be available for you to choose from depending on you and your pets' current needs.

Use of AI: The thought process to incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) is through visual and sensor data and info gathering. Pet parents will fill out a pet profile and the AI will generate groomers that are the best fit for your pet. Sensors and cameras will monitor your dog's status and health and make a record of it for future grooming appointments as well as for vet purposes. Ai will also be used to create coupons and discounts for future appointments. It will notice what products you like to use and create coupons for those products. The more you use it the more discounts you get. The pet wash stations would be completely automated and would use sensors and visual data to monitor your pet. There would be products available to purchase and you would be able to pay through the app. AI would be used to keep track of when products are low in the stations, as well as notice what products are more popular in certain areas.

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Bird & Bee

Layne Halvorsen

Bird & Bee is a sexual health and wellness app dedicated to providing sexual health education to a wide audience. We’re here to bust myths about sex, educate those who are curious help remove the societal taboo of talking about sex.

Use of AI: Bird & Bee uses AI chat bots and quizzes to help customers get direct answers to the questions they’re looking for.

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Annie Hinks

Our mission at companion; is to offer the companionship and emotional support that pets provide to those who can’t safely and responsibly care for live animals through our AI powered pets.

Use of AI: The companion pets use AI to function like real dogs and cats so that we can provide people with an authentic companionship experience. AI is also used to track users’ interactions with their pet – recording things like types of interactions, frequency of interactions, and the level of interaction. This information is accessible to caretakers so they can monitor their loved ones’ activity and awareness.

Glyph Archives

Chelsea Junker

Glyph Archives is a digital typeface museum and typographic resource hub for people of all experience levels. We want people to be inspired to learn and grow their design knowledge and appreciation of the easily overlooked artforms of typography.

Use of AI: Our resources help improve knowledge in this area of design with simple things like flash cards or design trends but also in executed deliverables with more complex technology like using AI to read an uploaded font and compare it to pre-existing fonts to enable designers to create truly unique typefaces.

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Emily Kaltenbach

Accessibility is a right, not a choice. Isla, pronounced eye-la, was created out of a need for accessibility in the world. The world was created for abled bodied people by abled body people, so how can we change that? Throughout my everyday struggles as a disabled service dog handler and student I saw a huge need for education to the public and businesses about service animals, especially service dogs as they are the most used. A recent epidemic that is hurting service dog teams are individuals faking service dogs or bringing their pets into non pet friendly stores, such as target and Walmart. This can cause false representations on how service animals should behave in public. In turn, by doing this it sends a message to everyone that bringing pets everywhere is okay, when it is illegally. As a service dog handler, I constantly must fight for my rights that were already given to me by law. It is illegal to deny access to a person because of their service dog, but it happens all the time. This is because business owners have seen misbehaving or aggressive pets being misrepresented as service dogs and assume every dog will act that way. Then when a handler has a litimate service dog, they are not allowed in the store because of others poor choices. Most handlers know the laws better than law enforcement, medical professionals, and business owners. The public doesn’t know the laws, so handlers must, so we get the rights we deserve.

Use of AI: If searching on google for service dog information the first thing that will come up are certifications and registry sites. They claim if you pay x amount of dollars you will receive a vest, certificate saying your dog is a service dog, and be able to take them anywhere. These are all a scam and fake. According to the ADA law in the US there are no legal binding certifications or registries for service animals. Slapping a vest on a dog doesn’t make it a service dog, a service dog is made my thousands of hours of task training and their model behavior. Ai is used with Isla by creating targeted ads to business and animal owners. When the targeted audience is using a search engine Isla ad will pop up first on the list to learn the correct information first instead of going to a scam website. Ai will also be used on social media by creating ads for pet owners. Many pet parents bring their pets into a store like target, where pets aren’t allowed. Some knowingly breaking the law and some just simply ignorantly. They will take and post photos of their pets in the store, sniffing and touching food, and sitting in the cart. When they post this type of content targeted ads will come on their feed to teach them the correct laws and information about taking pets into public spaces.

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Looking Glass Factory

Mackenzie Laurent

Looking Glass Stories is a holographic composition anyone can create. This 3D composition helps connect people around the world using AI resources, like our online blog sharing thousands of special moments. Looking Glass Stories is powered by light field technology, that generates a 3D scene. Multiple people can view this full-color dynamic without the use of a headset. Made for beginners, photographers, videomakers, and any creative minds out there. Take a 2D image on your phone and generate it into a hologram. History documentation taken to a whole new level of realism and high powered technology.

Use of AI: The idea is to express Looking Glass Stories in a bright, welcoming, and futuristic way. To portray the 3D glass material, there is a gradient with the colors glass makes when reflecting in light. As you look at the 3D hologram from different views, the text of this brand will be scattered to represent these different views and perspective of ones “story” or portrait/3D image. The scattered text can also represent the word “looking”, as the viewer looks at the 3D hologram making a story up in their head of what that moment was like.


Alexis Linner

Creating a safe and inclusive platform, bringing ai and denim together to find the right fit for you.

Use of AI: Denum is a company that compiles all your favorite jean brands into one location. Denum is an online shopping center that uses quizzes and AI implements to match you with the right fitting jeans. Ai is used through a quiz that teaches you and Denum about your needs and your body type to better match you with the right fit and with the body scan feature it allows you to try on the jeans that you have chosen to see if it truly is the right fit for you. We incorporate this AI because shopping is hard enough when you don’t know what makes you comfortable let alone the impossible task of size matching, we hope that our inclusivity and AI features will help everyone thrive in what makes them, well them. With Denum there is no gender, you are treated as an individual who has their own unique body and needs. We strive to make you feel good in your own skin and confident in what you choose to put on your body.

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Beacon – Sobriety Lighthouse

Rhea Losano

Beacon is the Sobriety Lighthouse – The tool designed as a service that encourages one to work towards their sobriety, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. We also acknowledge that some may use our resources and platform as a means to implement a stronger sense of harm reduction. At Beacon we’re realists.

Use of AI: No bullshit, meets sobriety. Artificial Intelligence is the technology behind Beacon. AI is implemented within the app to aid one’s sobriety and safe drug use. Our Sobriety Lighthouse will warn, guide, and offer endless support for our users. We are a safe platform that offers direction and guidance for someone in need. We strive for open conversations that are non-judgmental and realistic about drug-use, experimentation, and addiction. The app allows one to locate, categorize, and find support with resources and locations on meetings, clinics, and harm reduction support.


Eleanor McKinley

Sync data from your smart devices to analyze the mental and physical effects of your day-to-day patterns and create custom automated solutions and suggestions to improve your life.

Use of AI: Using AI to analyze the synchronized data from your smart devices to provide an accurate understanding of your positive and negative day-to-day patterns based on physical signs of stress. AI will also help to provide users with general solutions that have benefitted others, creating more finely tuned answers as it learns how different individuals function.

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Gavin Muelhauer

METAMOD is a virtual car modification application where you simply take a 360° scan of your own car with a smart phone, and a 3D render is automatically created and imported into the METAMOD studio. From there, your car’s year, make and model are automatically verified through our AI recognition process, and you can start modifying it to your liking! With hundreds of real parts to choose from, such as bumpers, splitters, side skirts, hoods, wheels, tint, paint colors, and more, there are endless opportunities with our application.

Use of AI: Through our Machine Learning AI, METAMOD also gives you the option to “mold” body parts from another car onto your own car, creating a one-off piece that flows with the bodylines of your car, which you can send off for 3D Printing through our studio if you’d like. When you’re done modifying your car, you can take photos in the digital studio, generate a link to share your creation, and create a parts list with links to buy the actual products you used on your car.

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Spor Mushroom Supplements

Daniel Nesja

Spor Mushroom Supplements provides people with a natural and sustainable supplement designed unique for their daily activities and routines.

Use of AI: Mushrooms are a great natural alternative to modern synthetic supplements that can cause negative side effects. By tracking user activity thought smart devises, a special blend of mushrooms in supplement form will be curated unique based off the users’ daily activities and workouts. The user can also edit specific details such as what sport or workout they do to make sure the supplement they are receiving is the most beneficial.


Hales Pfister

Uxpeer is a collaborative online co-op where small businesses and UX designers can meet to provide information and resources on how to utilize UX within small businesses. Designers can provide digital conferences to talk about emerging materials while also providing knowledge on how to use existing resources on the site and business owners get access to UX resources on how to improve their products and business with the help of AI.

Use of AI: AI in this project helps business owners collect data and suggests the next steps for them to go in the process, especially within the realm of UX Testing. Overall the product is aimed to expand the reach of UX where it currently isn’t as accessible due to lack of information or lack of funds.

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McKenzie Pizl

Purf is a unique brand of cat trees designed for cats and their owners in mind. Pets are becoming such an important part of our lives and their products should reflect that. Each tree is customizable to you and your cat’s needs all while looking like a piece of art, not clutter.

Use of AI: AI is incorporated into each tree with a camera to track certain facial cues that can let you know if your cat is in pain using a vet-certified pain-scale analysis, as well as a live camera feed option so you can check in with them while you’re away from home. Each bed or platform also includes a smart pad underneath to track your cat’s heart rate and sleep patterns through the Purf app. This all allows for cat owners to be able to track their cat’s health with convenience, to have a more cohesive environment in their home, and to make sure their cat is happy and content!

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Krissy Pohold

Re-branding the company Notion to what it will be in ten years; the future of how workspaces, workplaces, and workflows operate and are experienced.

Use of AI: This re-branding and advertisement campaign emphasize AI and VR integration, with a personal AI assistant tailored to each user and VR environments to match the user’s mood to their workplace. Personal AI assistants create interconnectivity, shortcuts, reminders, workflows, and automation.


Piers Rimmereide

Ohmpraxis is an augmented reality based service aimed toward increasing accessibility to knowledge and skills. This service will allow users to learn new skills and improve upon existing ones all utilizing an app on their phone. On top of simply helping users to learn, Ohmpraxis aims to help users find a new sense of self confidence and peace in themselves and the skills they know. The app will utilize augmented reality software on mobile phones which allows all users to have access without needing any additional equipment. With Ohmpraxis, as opposed to similar physical services, there are no class limits in terms of how many people can attend a lesson. Additionally, Ohmpraxis allows for a more immersive and interactive experience than similar existing video-based services. Due to the use of augmented reality, there are no stakes when using this app, meaning you can jump into a lesson with no background knowledge without having to worry about breaking something or injuring yourself. The mission of Ohmpraxis is to make learning new skills more accessible to everyone.

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Thomas Slane

Omnisense offers an insulin pump made with parents and children in mind, our main goal is to make their lives simpler. When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, changes must be made to their life by both them and their parents. Insulin pumps are a common treatment option to offer parents a sense of ease and control over their child’s health. Traditional insulin pumps rely on constant input from the user, omnisense implements artificial intelligence instead. The omnisense pump automates insulin dosing based on set user ranges and data from the built-in continuous glucose monitor. Parents no longer have to attempt to calculate proper dosage based on their child’s food intake and activity level.

Use of AI: The artificial intelligence algorithms sense food intake and exercise in real time and adjust dosing automatically. The pump can be controlled from a smartphone app or dedicated controller to monitor blood glucose levels, adjust settings, and fine tune dosing from anywhere. Omnisense’s artificial intelligence strives to minimize human involvement to provide a newfound freedom for everyone involved.

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Kyle Sromek

Preface is the prospect of lifelong learning through literary experiences. Its extended service is to facilitate literary intrigue and sustain valuable reading experiences that lead to growth in individuals as well as communities.

Use of AI: Artificial Intelligence can cultivate rich reading experiences by examining the books you want to read and creating a preliminary overview.

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Mica Thurow

What do you do when someone tells you that you can’t? You find a way to prove you can.
Girls & gender nonconforming folk have been told for ages that they don’t belong, in spaces all across the country. We’ve seen this in blue-collar jobs, in company hierarchies, in churches….and in motorcycle culture. Often it’s implied more than stated, but the barrier is no less real - no less impactful - for its intangibility.
From this struggle, from this fight for access and right and belonging, TUDO was born. It’s a backdoor solution: tackling just one way into the world of men, TUDO makes motorcycle riding a reality for folks by using artificial intelligence to remove entry barriers to moto ownership and maintenance.

Use of AI: Where information is scattered, Ai draws a straight line to pertinent sources. Where well-fitting gear is hard to find, Ai opens doors to rider safety with biometric scans. The TUDO app also uses Ai (and the user’s device camera) to label parts and problems, as well as track maintenance, connect mentors with rookie wrenchers, and provide helpful tips.
Because this is the end-and-line: when you’re riding a motorcycle, especially one that you’ve taken apart with your own two hands, it is entirely undeniable; you are free, and life is yours for the taking

Notes of Rhapsody Cafe

Grace Unruh

Notes of Rhapsody celebrates life and the aesthetics of living, and the way that both coffee and music can unite us all within one community. We celebrate what it means to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while exploring opportunities of artistic growth. Along with the relaxed, coffee-inspired atmosphere, we want to give local artists opportunities for recognition, whether it’s recording their music in our first-rate recording studio or providing a low-pressure space to perform and entertain. We recognize the importance of outreach and recognition for upcoming musicians and want to support them on their artistic journey. Our mission is to support and recognize people from all walks of life, whether you’re looking for a restful atmosphere to enjoy a cup of fresh roasted coffee or build upon your musical potential, Notes of Rhapsody has got you covered.

Use of AI: Notes of Rhapsody is partnering with Spotify to help with the outreach and support of local musicians. With the help of AI Spotify will recommend the songs and albums of local artists based of of personal tastes in music to help support them in their journey and find listeners new favorite music


Drew Wyss

WayCamp is an AI powered app used to help people find the perfect campsite tailored to their needs. Allowing for a stress-free search of sites suitable to your desires. WayCamp also provides a gear rental service that would allow users to check out any gear they may be missing.
WayCamp empathizes with the want to get outside, but not having an easy means of doing so. The fear of having a bad experience can stop many people from trying to travel and go camping. A lot of clunky websites don't help with the fact that it is hard to get an idea of what to expect. Even if one doesn’t have that much experience, WayCamp aims to open the gateway to getting people out and exploring the world. It will help people commit to a site by choosing for them, based on images they provide and things they wish to see. WayCamp will also provide them the opportunity to rent gear so there is no worry of being under prepared. With all that, they will be set to experience something grand. WayCamp is the gateway to finding your adventure!

Use of AI: Using the image recognition and deep learning software, ImageNet, WayCamp is able to recognize key features of photos and find campsites that would have similar qualities to the uploaded images. WayCamp utilizes the image recognition software known as ImageNet to get its results. This way, when a user uploads a picture of a waterfall the app will search for campgrounds that have waterfall images found within their profile for people to choose from. With a combination of multiple images, WayCamp will output a relatively compact list of places to choose from starting from the closest location to the user and expanding outwards from there.

Bridge Translate

Steven Xi

A fast translation software by using the technique of AI and 5G. Dedicated to helping people of different races, languages and cultures speak and understand quickly and accurately. The content of translation must be professional, in line with the speaker's original intention, and respecting the culture and habits of all people. The company's products will not only provide written translation, but also simultaneous translation, colloquial and popular sayings, and translate documents. Even if the users who communicate with the translator are not in the same cultural circle, the translator will make the translation closest to the original meaning based on the culture and idioms of the two sides. The aim of the translator is to remove barriers to communication and misunderstandings and discrimination between different cultures.

Use of AI: AI mainly helps the translator to learn different languages, cultures, and idioms of different countries, so it can translate quickly and accurately. A language is not immutable, it’s keep changing and making improvement, buzzwords change every year. Every new age has its own usage and new words are created at any time. The translation of ordinary translation software is usually formulaic and mechanized, and the translation is not smooth only from the literal meaning. Mistakes are often made when two languages have different word orders.

Ease x Sephora

Maia Yonke

Ease is in collaboration with Sephora to create a disguised lifeline for domestic abuse victims to secretly find safety. This service will appear as a skincare brand to any outsider but in reality, is providing help, resources and other information to anyone who needs it. Simply ‘ordering’ a product on our site will send the authorities or a ride share service to wherever you are. Not only will this be available online but also in every Sephora store all you have to do is Ask for Ease and employees will bring you to the back of the store and quickly discuss all of your options.
When relationships are abusive, privacy is abusive. This can involve privacy violations such as surveillance, monitoring, and other types of stalking. Just simply researching for help can be used against the victim and put them in more danger. Our service is a safe and educational resource for victims to help weigh out their options and Ease into getting the help they need without having to worry about getting caught.

Use of AI: We are using Ai to be as discreet as possible so social media advertisements will only show up based off frequent user interactions. We use machine learning systems to analyze your existing data and your algorithm to show only certain people information about Ease. Also, we will provide flyers and brochures in safe and private areas such as doctors’ offices, support groups, and shelters.

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